What is CAMBRA?

CAMBRA (CAries Management By Risk Assessment) is leading a paradigm shift to move beyond the outdated focus on “remove decay and restore”, the proverbial “drill and fill” mindset. CAMBRA provides a scientific, reliable procedure to identify caries risk and prevent further caries.

The CAMBRA assessment of disease indicators, risk and protective factors standardizes and simplifies caries risk assessment. Based on research and treatment of thousands of patients at UCSF Dental School, MyCAMBRA assesses and determines the patient’s caries risk level and suggests preventive treatment measures:

  • Low Risk: Cariogenic bacteria are in check and the patient is healthy. Promote daily maintenance to keep caries risk low.
  • Moderate Risk: Elevated caries risk is present and requires preventive treatment to avoid a frustrating cycle of drill and fill.
  • High Risk: Intense, focused preventive treatment is required to reduce cariogenic bacteria and lower the caries risk. Chance of new cavities is high.
  • Extremely High Risk: Caries is a serious health problem. Aggressive preventive treatment is required to halt the disease and preserve existing teeth.

MyCAMBRA presents the assessment results graphically, with easy to understand treatment instructions. The interactive Risk Meter connects the benefit of each component in the Action Plan to reducing caries risk. MyCAMBRA is a tool to promote dialog with the patient that will move them to better health.

MyCAMBRA is an essential tool for promoting preventive dentistry to a patient population.
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   CDA Journal: Califonia Dental Association features MyCAMBRA in Tech Trends, December, 2013. Read it here. Visit www.CDA.org

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Assessment Made Easy

Integrate Caries Risk Assessment and Caries Management into your practice easily and efficiently.

Treatment Action Plan

Deliver a custom Action Plan targeted to your patient’s caries risk level. Build patient understanding with the interactive Risk Meter to present the benefits of specific treatment suggestions.

Secure Follow-up

Email the Caries Risk Assessment to yourself and the Action Plan to your patient using encrypted PDF to preserve patient privacy.

Tools For You and Your Patient

MyCAMBRA gives you tools to present the message of caries and bacteria in a memorable and motivating way.

Promoting Treatment Compliance

Every dentist knows that even the best self-care plan is ineffective if the patient doesn’t follow it. MyCAMBRA gives you tools to present the message of caries and bacteria in a memorable and motivating way. MyCAMBRA includes characters, images and video from Attack of the S. Mutans!, a cognitive science-based program developed with funding from the National Institute for Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). Take the pieces you want to share with your patient to help emphasize the bacterial causes of caries, or promote better self-care strategies.

Dr. Peter Rechmann, UCSF School of Dentistry

Please Note

MyCAMBRA is designed for use by dentists and health professionals. This app is not intended for self-diagnosis or to substitute for professional health care. Please read the license agreement before downloading.

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